Bangaruthali is a good strong movie which is complete about the legal issue. Vebha tries to solve a case which was close years ago and how does she solve the whole story. You will share all the emotions with this movie. This movie is great to encourage yourself that nothing matters if you have stronger inthoughts, physically, and always believe in yourself before starting anything. This movie tells all about your stability with a thriller vibe. Joyhika’s character is one enough for all the thoughts. Watch Bangaruthali movie online to get the vibe of invesgigation. Thriller movies online nowadays are extremely thoughtful. 


You get the point straight, this movie is a complete legal drama and thriller. So the movie kicks off with a great concept of jothi. People hear bullet sounds and any one thinks that jothi kills them. Jothi is a mental unstable person who everyone thinks of as a serial killer. Vebha is a legal advisor who fights to be on the right side and justify the cases in the best possible manner. She reopens the case and looks into the details. She is a successful lawyer who is thoughtful all the time. She loves her job as her father is also a lawyer and she knows how it works. She tries to figure out the case but she will face a lot of disturbances from the public. Everyone threatens her to stop supporting the killer. The actual twist is no one saw the killer, anybody had any proof to show that the person is the killer. Everything is an assumption. Because of these assumptions, an innocent mentaly sick person is going to be punished which veebha doesn’t want at all to happen. Watch the movie to know the actual killer and the mystery of these murders.

Reasons to Watch:

  • This movie has a strong message to grow as a person. They gave an important reason to watch this movie such as fight for truth and believe in yourself and never ever give up.
  • In technical ways this movie has clarity in thriller and beautiful visuals.
  • This can be watched anytime for jyothika, her acting next level. 

Technical Aspects:

  • This movie has got beautiful locations. The whole movie was made in Ooty which is like a paradise for nature lovers.
  • Story is always a benefit. Concept of the movie is great, you will enjoy the screenplay as it was written well with lots of thrills and energy.
  • This movie’s background music is just amazing. Soo much efforts to make this movie a super hit.

Cast and Crew:

Directed by: J. J. Fredrick

Produced by: Suriya

Actress: Jyothika

Actor: K. Bhagyaraj

Other Actors: R. Parthiban, Thiagarajan, Pratap K. Pothen, R. Pandiarajan

Music by: GovindVasantha

Cinematography: Ramji

Edited by: Ruben

Production company: 2D Entertainment

More Information about Bangaaruthalli:

Distributed by: Aha

Release date: 29 May 2020

Running time: 120 minutes

Genre: Legal, Drama

Watch Bangaruthalli movie online as it’s a crazy thriller. Watch thriller movies online on Aha.