Create Your Universal Classroom Virtually Deliver rich education to broad number of pupils over the net. Virtual Classroom Technology is a compilation of simple, online educational activity. The vision of this program is to allow, enable and connect students in the area of the world using Internet internationally. It makes available pupils with a stimulating, constructive and fun environment together with the opportunity to expand skills that are vital in the 21st century.

Now teachers and Students where in the world can join and meet online in their private desk as interactive virtual classroom software for an internet class. Many IT company provides unlimited number of classes making it convenient for Online Schools, universities, corporate coaches, private training classes and even individuals. Maximize lesson absorption with multimedia content and interactivity using Demo, real-time A/V communicating and internet chat. Business users may arrange multiple staff cooperation meetings, sales demonstrations, employees training and service sessions… all at exactly the exact same time. It reduces travelling price as well many audiences can associate with live session. Virtual classroom software is user friendly easy to use and affordable on your finances, too. Eliminate your travel and place costs with a digital classroom. This computer software is entirely web based with no software download requirements and works on any operating system.

Virtual Classroom Solutions for Small Business and Individuals

You can have One-on-one or group courses, improved with voice over IP, sharing demonstration and far more. Presenters can offer online service for clients, deliver presentations and demos online and meet with colleagues throughout the world.

Universities, Internet Faculties and Corporate Users

Educational institutes And universities can benefit from live e learning applications as well as e learning solution as it transcends all physical boundaries. Simultaneously teaching copious number of classrooms, programs and live sessions can be developed and held across them, enrolling students into diverse courses. Most good thing is that it occurs without the additional efforts and costs of building classrooms on the part of associations and commuting all of the way to them on the part of the pupils. Cover the whole instructional cycle and advice in your organizations. Now it is very likely to deliver educational and training services in a state-of-the-art online collaboration environment through e learning applications.

Guide more people with The identical budget

Educational institutes Can provide recorded or live training sessions to more individuals and students and increase customer satisfaction while reducing travel and venue expenses.