Hair transplant therapy is a Surgical procedure which aims to revive a person’s lost hair because of reasons like male baldness, injury, burns, and surgery. In this treatment, hair follicles have been taken from their hair growth scalp on the back and side of the head and then moved and implanted on the bare places. The removal and transplantation of hairs demand using clinical devices like needles, blades, and knives, and this why the treatment is also often referred to as punch grafting or plug grafting. The Value being put in youth and beauty increased tremendously in the last few years, pressuring men to become more conscious about their looks. Because of this, a growing number of men are seeking for alternatives to deal with their hair loss problem, and this subsequently contributes to continuous advancements in hair transplant therapy.

Hair transplant procedures

As Mentioned, the process involves collecting follicles from hair bearing areas. These follicles need to be carefully grouped into a basic unit called grafts. Physicians typically categorize the size of grafts based on the number of follicles inside. There are micro grafts, slit grafts, and mini grafts, though doctors traditionally use a normal round graft which is made up of approximately 10 to 20 follicles. The Number of grafts to be used for your hair transplant in pune therapy essentially depends upon the size of the bald area you need to cover. To give you an idea, cut a square paper measuring 3 inches from most sides. This size asks for approximately 400 to 600 standard round grafts, based upon the fullness of their hair. Each typical graft is billed for approximately $3 to $12.

Note That male baldness pattern is a progressive condition, which means you may need to undergo a series of follow-up hair transplant therapy if you wish to maintain the fullness of your hair. Needless to say, you will need to save up a significant amount of money to pay for the sessions and take care of the appearance. Aside From hair transplant therapy, the doctor may also indicate other surgical methods like flaps transfer, whereas an enormous part of hair bearing scalp is moved to the hairless area; and baldness, whereas the entire scalp is removed in chosen areas to be able to lessen the feeling of baldness.